Deep Tissue Massage

Treatment: Full body: 60mins - Cost: £35

Treatment: Back, neck and shoulder: 30mins - Cost: £24

Deep Tissue Massage

This remedial form of massage helps to;

  • Free trapped nerves
  • Oxygenate poorly circulated muscles
  • Loosen areas of tension in the body, so allowing the spine to relax into alignment.

Through the release of muscular tension there is a reflex quietening of the mind, leading to a state of profound relaxation.

Sports injuries

Deep tissue massage can be very helpful for the treatment of sports injuries, as well as for stress relief, as this therapy ‘unkinks’ knots. Deep Tissue Massage helps to increase range of movement and promote better posture and flexibility in the muscles and joints. Chronic deep tension patterns can be altered within the body by using deep pressures and strokes with neuromuscular and trigger point techniques. Because of the deep nature of the treatment it is common to experience some muscle soreness post massage.

Stacy's Deep Tissue Massage include a range of techniques which are used in the treatment of both acute and chronic injuries/conditions, alongside the massage. These will be tailored to you and your needs, and may include;

  • Passive and active exercise
  • Neuro-fascial and trigger point release
  • Re-education for postural problems